Best Activities to Do While in France

France is a beautiful country with so many amazing features that put it on the map of one of the most visited places in the world. You can’t get enough of the country with just one visit as you there is always something new to see or do. In this fascinating piece, we will take you through things you need to do or see on your trip to France. With our guide, you will be able to visit the most important places on your first trip and have a good time exploring the country.

Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel)

You can’t visit France for the first time without hitting the Eiffel tower. The tower was built to mark 100 years of the French revolution and it is the most visited monuments in the world currently. The tower can be seen from any point in Paris, and you simply cannot miss out visiting the tower. The tower may not be spectacular when you look at it in the morning, but once it’s nightfall, it is a wonder to behold. The tower is lighted up beautifully with multicolored lights. You can get through the tower and even enjoy lunch on its restaurant. You just can’t miss out on all that fun.

Versailles Palace (Chateau De Versailles)

The Versailles Palace is another place you would love to see while in France. This location presents a mix of both nature and architecture. The landscape is breathtaking, and you can spend the whole day walking through the vineyard and enjoying the beauty of it all. The vineyard is brightened by so many flowers that you can get lost in its exotic scent. This place will take your breath away if you love the beauty of the nature.

Arenes de Nimes

France is home to some of the oldest structures in the world, and this arena is one of them. The Arenes de Nimes is one of the oldest Roman amphitheaters that is still preserved in its near-original state. The theater is not just a monument; it is still used to host contemporary events like concerts, bullfights, and other mind-blowing events. So, if you should pass through the city of Nimes, do not fail to stop by this beautiful place and have a lovely time.

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims

The Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims is another excellent site that has a healthy mix of royalty and architecture. The Cathedrale will take you back to the ancient Gothic times as it is a perfect example of all the characteristics of that particular architecture. The façade is overwhelming; you will be carried away with how such a mighty structure will have so much balance and yet be unified in all aspect of its design. You can walk through the building and learn more about its history, see the fantastic church altar and the beautiful interior design. There are so many other places to explore in France, but this four makes our bucket list, you can check out other historical sites if you plan on spending a lot of time in that beautiful country.

Reims Cathedral, France – The Notre-Dame de Reims is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Image by © Sylvain Sonnet/Corbis