Best Places to Sail in France

If you want to go sailing in France, you will have several places to choose from. There is sailing available all around the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. There…

Take a Trip to Monaco on the South Coast of France

Monaco is the tiny city-state located on the South Coast of mainland France, nestled in between Nice and the Italian border. If it’s sunshine, sparkling seas and sumptuous living that you’re looking for, then Monaco is certainly the place to be. Along with the glitz and glam of the well-known district of Monte Carlo, this small country offers stunning gardens, a beautiful seaside oceanographic museum and an amazing Old Town built on The Rock. Despite its small size, you’re guaranteed never to get bored during a visit to this magical country.

The Culture of Southern France

The culture of France has been very much impacted by what countries surround it. This has meant there are some differences in the culture depending in what region of the…