France’s Most Romantic Places – Part 1

France provides a seemly limitless number of gorgeous towns that you’ll instantly fall in love with. From quirky and quaint country retreats to lively city breaks, culinary gems, cultural treasures, beach resorts, and rustic vineyards, there’s something special for everyone here. It’s a country with complexity and depth, and is tasty, stylish and so delicious that it’s almost perfect for those looking to romance their loved one. Here are some of the best places in France for a romantic break.

France’s Most Romantic Places – Part 1


Legend has it that if you and your loved one kiss on this bridge, you will be together forever. It’s here where you’ll find quaint canals and medieval buildings. The crystal-clear lake is allegedly Europe’s purest. Romance is in the air no matter where you go here. It’s also a place to admire the landscape that looks like should be in a fairy tale. It’s somewhere to walk, to wander, and it’s a place to just see where it takes you. Experience the amazing restaurants, the quirky bars and shops, the winding streets, and the canals that have g8ven their city the name “Venice of the Alps”.


You’ll love Sancerre while enjoying a glass of wine sourced from vineyards around this gorgeous hilltop town. Set within historic Berry at a 312 metre altitude, the town offers a view of the stunning Loire Valley. Another amazing view can be seen from the Maison des Sancerre gardens while tasting the region’s famous white wine. Take a stroll around it’s streets, stop for a break in a cafe and lose yourself in the town’s soothing ambience. Make sure, too, that you buy some cheese from Chavignol to match that delicious wine.


Meert, a chocolate shop that has been here since 1761, offers a great opportunity for you to indulge your passion. Chocolate aside, if you’re looking to buy something to show your other half how much you care about them, you’ll be spoiled for choice here. Visit the Old Stock Exchange, the Vielle Bourse, where you’ll find a book market in stunning surroundings. If you’re visiting during the summer, Sunday nights will afford you the opportunity to enjoy tango dancing under the stars. Walk down the corridors of the Palais des Beaux Arts and enjoy the art collection from all over France. Much of the collection was purchased by Napoleon while he travelled. Enjoy a glass of Champagne while in a convent from the 17th century. There are hundreds of restaurants for you to visit so make your choices and dine in as many as you can.

Chocolate shop


The Champagne region of Troye is perfect for a lover’s tryst. A medieval city full of charm and streets with their luscious buildings, fabulous bars and restaurants, and gorgeous cake shops. Of course, champagne is the main attraction. But those seeking culture will love the history and museums. Troyes is where the most celebrated and tragic romantic couple, Heloise and Abelard, lived. A tour will show an extraordinary historic footprint and ancient town.