French Cuisine You Must Try

The history of French cuisine is long and varied but suffice to say it is widely acknowledged that some of the greatest food comes from some of the world’s most renowned French chefs. At times, throughout many different transitions, the food has been variously rich and perhaps overly complicated, but since the more recent trends toward nouvelle cuisine and simplified, sustainable produce, the French have maintained the integrity of the traditional recipes most loved by all who try them.

Simply Put – Snails!

Think French food, think escargots! For sure this little creature receives a big reaction from diners who either love them or hate them. As an iconic French dish, it is certainly one you should try, and preferably in the Burgundy region where this little creature can be found served in delicious garlic butter accompanied by the wonderful bread. If snails are a step too far, then be sure to try some of the other wonderful sea food that is available, such as the seasonal oysters and the bass or sole from Normandy.

Regional Specialties

One quickly realizes that the strength of the French cuisine is the amazing variety of regional produce that abounds, and which is masterfully blended to create taste sensations that celebrate these regional features and their culture. Coq au vin, a French classic, demonstrates this principle perfectly, combining the simplest of ingredients at their best, to create a satisfying flavor. The quality of the chicken and vegetables combined with the excellent wine found throughout the country make a simple dish divine! Similarly, soup was probably never really on top of your favorite food list, but have you tried real French onion soup? Again, the emphasis on fresh, simple produce allows the few ingredients to shine and the hearty richness of this classic which incorporates cheese and bread will delight.


Equally important in French cuisine is the dessert and none say French more clearly than chocolate mousse! The French are known for the quality of their chocolates, so it is no surprise that many of the sweet delights coming from the various regions incorporate this favorite. If mousse is not your thing be sure to try a soufflé another one of those quintessentially French dishes you just should taste at least once.

Wine and Cheese

The French know how to cook and more importantly how to eat!

They love to take their time over a meal and enjoy several courses that really bring pleasure to the palette. Obviously, great wine from all over the country can only serve to make the culinary experience even better, and depending on the region you visit, or the food you choose to perhaps cook yourself, be sure to try some fine French vino too. Equally important are the regional cheeses which would be too numerous to mention but start with the well-known such as Brie or Camembert and then maybe venture to try one of the many amazing blue cheeses like Bleu de Bresse. Undoubtedly, France is a foodie’s delight and whether you are an adventurous diner or not, you will always find something wonderful to tempt the taste buds, you just have to give it a try.