How to Spend One Day at Disney Paris Part 1

We’re going to give you an efficient plan to enjoy your day at Disney Paris so you can take advantage of the opportunities without having to run around like a headless chicken. As well as covering the attractions with minimal wait times, we’re going to be looking at the shows to see, the restaurants to dine at, and all of those additional details to enjoy. We don’t want you to run from one attraction to the next at the expense of enjoying yourself. While you’ll want to fit in many of the attractions and shows, it’s important to factor in quality and not just quantity. Disney Paris is the world’s most detailed and ornate of all the Disney parks, and you should stop and appreciate every detail if you really want to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Disney Paris
Disney Paris

Use FastPass as much as you can

We’re going to make a few assumptions, such as that you’ll be visiting on a day with moderate crowds, you’ll be using FastPass to a reasonable extent, and you’ll be there for the entire duration of the day. Making your way around Disney Paris is easy as almost every major attraction accepts FastPass and you can easily get a one-day FastPass to use at these attractions. We also don’t list every single attraction. Rather we made a judgement call on the best attractions to be included in a one-day plan, taking into account the quality of the attraction and the time you have. Now let’s look at the best way to attack a single day at Disney Paris.

Stay at a Disney hotel

It’s always best to stay on-site for anyone visiting a Disney park for the first time. Sequoia Lodge is a great one to stay at, but if you can afford it, Disneyland Hotel offers some stunning views of the park. By staying at a Disney Hotel, you’re also entitled to Extra Magic Hours and visit Discoveryland and Fantasyland two hours before the official park opening time. This is a great time to take some photos of the park without too many people getting in the way and either intentionally or intentionally photobombing you. Of course, if Goofy photobombs you, that would make a great photo.

Start with the Dragon

When it comes to attractions, however, the very first one you’ll want to experience is the Dragon. Disney Paris gets very mixed reactions, with some loving the park and some hating it. In fact, it’s the most divisive Disney park there is. Quite possibly, those who hated it started the day in the wrong way, without experiencing the Dragon first. So ensure you make your way over to the Dragon under the castle to start your day off in the right way. This will give you a boost by amping you up prior to exploring the rest of the park. If you make multiple visit to the Dragon throughout the day, it’s likely that you’ll come to appreciate your visit to Disney Paris even more.

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