How to Spend One Day at Disney Paris Part 2

How to Spend One Day at Disney Paris
How to Spend One Day at Disney Paris


You should definitely start in Fantasyland. One of the reasons for this is that there are a number of attractions that don’t accept FastPass, which means that the wait times can be moderate. If you have experience with theme parks, however, you’ll know that moderate wait times add up. The first ride you should go for is Peter Pan’s Flight, which does accept FastPass. Then move on to the other dark rides, ending with Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and a walk to the top of the Queen’s Castle, where you’ll see some great views for you to take photos of.


If you take the park map at its word, you could be forgiven for thinking that you can see pretty much all of it simply by doing Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril and Pirates of the Caribbean. That isn’t the case. Firstly, don’t even bother with Indiana Jones, it’s an appalling roller coaster. It’s short, has no theming whatsoever, and is a complete waste of time. Pirates of the Caribbean, on the other hand, is one of Disney’s best attractions. Don’t forget to visit Adventure Isle, too, where you can visit the Swiss Family Treehouse and Skull Rock. And then there’s Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin, which a fantastic walk-through exhibit. Once you’re done with those, get yourself a FastPass for Big Thunder.


Both before and after the afternoon parade, slow right down and take some time to explore. Disneyland Paris is designed with detail, and you’ll want to miss as few of those details as possible. While the park might be lacking in some areas, it certainly doesn’t lack a sense of design and romanticism, achieving feelings of quaintness and grandiosity. It’s designed to wander around, take photos, and enjoy the wonderful thematic design. Before you make your way to Thunder Mesa, take another walk through Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, entering via the exit (if they allow you to), heading up to the Queen’s Castle, and taking more photos of Fantasyland in the light of the later afternoon.


Disneyland Paris made a smart move by not going down the Tomorrowland route, instead opting for a Discoveryland inspired by Jules Verne. While it’s very similar to Tomorrowland, there are changes in details and story. Like the rest of the Tomorrowlands, it’s best at night. You’ll also want to have a go at Hyperspace Mountain at least once. Then you’ll want to see the illuminations. Disney Paris gave the mixed-media nighttime castle show concept its debut with Disney Dreams. This is that wonderful show’s successor. While Disney Illuminations isn’t on par, it remains a wonderful sight to see. The show includes castle projections, lasers, water fountains, fireworks, and fire. The show is technically outstanding and has heart, making it can’t-miss entertainment. No matter what time of year you visit, you should easily be able to do all of this within one day. Although, if you do have the time, you could also spend days and days here.

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