The Culture of Southern France

The culture of France has been very much impacted by what countries surround it. This has meant there are some differences in the culture depending in what region of the country you are in. The south of France is much warmer than the north, which means that it is a popular region for people to travel to when on holiday.

The Food

The meals of southern France are often quite simple, yet delicious, as they tend to include a great deal of nice fresh vegetables and meat. They do use oil in the meals and focus more on light meals, possibly because it can get quite hot in this region. The food is imbued with Mediterranean flavors and ingredients. This is the region where you can find the famous Ratatouille’ dish that is made from herbs, peppers and eggplant, with added olive oil. They also make a delicious beef stew even though lamb is the most popular meat of the region.

The People

The southern region of France is often quite rural, with people tending to want to spend quite a bit of time outdoors engaging in some sort of outdoor activity. Some of the outdoor activities that people do in this part of France include canoeing or kayaking. There is also hang gliding and parachuting, and even rock climbing, since there are mountains, for example the Pyrenees. Many people also enjoy walking, biking or hiking in the south of France. There are many wonderful landscapes and natural areas that people enjoy exploring.

Employment in the area is quite relaxed and workers are often people of the particular local area. People are friendly but may be a little more aloof in remote villages where people may be less accustomed to meeting and interacting with foreigners. It is advisable to try to learn a bit of the language and to try to speak some French, especially if visiting the more remote regions of southern France.

Tourist Sites

The region with the most tourists in the south of France is the Cote d’Azur or the French Riviera. This area has stunning beaches and various casinos and spas. Various watersports that people take up include wind surfing and water skiing. Aside from the usual tourist spots there are many medieval villages and ancient castles found throughout the countryside. The region also puts on several flower markets during the year, and there are several festivals. Many of the festivals involve theater and the arts.

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One of the most famous festivals is the one for movies held at Cannes. This is the Festival International de Cannes, which showcases movies from all over the world. The region also has religious significance. Lourdes in particular is of great importance. The town of Lourdes is very famous and important for pilgrimages by Catholics.

The culture of southern France is very interesting and would be very interesting to experience in a trip. Whether you opt for exploring the French Riviera or for exploring the ancient villages inland, you are sure to have great adventure in the south of France.