Top Beaches in Southern France

The South of France has long been a favorite destination for the rich and famous and it is true to say that a vacation there can make a serious dent in a healthy budget. However, with the advent of Airbnb and similar modes of accommodation, more travelers are finding such locations attractive and affordable. One of the main draws of this region is the plethora of beautiful beaches, which have become an iconic feature of the landscape; they offer the visitors and citizens alike an easy afternoon showered with sun-baths or perhaps a more exciting activities, such as swimming, diving or sailing. And let’s face it, lazing around on the beach is probably the least expensive activity on offer here!

Summer Months Spots

Naturally in high season during the summer months the region is crowded and typically beach going is not so much fun then. However, if that’s the time you choose to travel, a beach such as Valras Plage near Beziers may be just the spot. It stretches for quite some distance, allowing for all to feel less cramped in the busy season and if entertaining the children is key, fear not, there is an amusement park close at hand as well as all the essential amenities like good bars and restaurants.

Secluded Beaches

The Plage de L’Espiguette situated east of Montpellier is a little further up the coast from our first beach and may be the perfect spot if you are looking for more seclusion. The beach is largely deserted and expansive, comprising of dramatic, undulating sand dunes that make the rather remote location worth the effort of getting there. Amenities don’t really exist unless you’re looking for a light house! but the experience is unlike the typical for this region, so it has to get a mention. Continuing along the coast takes us further toward Marseille a major city not typically known for its beach culture, but which has a surprising number of both sandy and pebble beaches. Located south of the city, you come across a collection of beaches known as the Plages du Prado and of these Borély Beach offers terrific amenities by way of volley ball courts, skateboarding area, lifeguards and great swimming and sunbathing. When the wind blows in the right direction the beaches of this region are especially popular with windsurfers, so something else to recommend this oft forgotten beach community.

Well-Known Beaches

A review of the South of France would not be complete without giving a mention to the beaches in some of more well-known cities such as Nice and Cannes. Along the Boulevard de la Croisette in the centre of Cannes is a well-established beach destination not least because it lies just east of the film festival site. Not somewhere to enjoy peace and quiet but an atmospheric and iconic location to be sure. As is the next resort, famous for some of the most exclusive clubs and beaches anywhere. St Tropez needs little introduction and Pampelonne Beach is well established offering great facilities for the serious beach goer. Nice offers some of the most attractive white sandy beaches anywhere and if your pleasure is celebrity spotting, whilst getting a tan, try Paloma Beach where half the beach is private, rented by the rich and famous, and half open to the public. Whatever your pleasure this southern coast can deliver something for everyone.