Why St Tropez is a Haven for Celebrities – Part 2

Hotel Byblos

There’s no shortage of first-rate hotels in St. Tropez. When it comes to impeccable service, location, history, and fame, however, it’s hard to even come close to Hotel Byblos. The hotel was built in 1967 by a rich Lebanese businessman as a palace for Brigitte Bardot. Mick Jagger also spent his honeymoon here with his first wife. In fact, anyone who’s anyone has spent time at this hotel over the last half a century.

The hotel features France’s very first Sisley spa, the dishes served up by Alain Ducasse’s Rivea are magnificent, and the nightclub reputation is deservedly second-to-none, with its 70’s style atmosphere encouraging guests to dance throughout the night.

Two years ago, the hotel celebrated its 50th anniversary. It recruited on board some of the world’s most well-known brands, in order to help them celebrate by creating products especially for the big day. The brands who took part included Dom Pérignon, Goyard, and Rolls Royce.

La Réserve Ramatuelle

While St Tropez is thriving and full of excitement, this hotel provides an opportunity to take a break from it all. Sat on the hills, with stunning Mediterranean views, La Réserve Ramatuelle is only a few miles away from the action. The serene ambience of this diamond of a hotel is reflected in the white rooms, along with the indoor and outdoor harmonious integration. It’s the perfect place to recharge your batteries and enjoy a rest before heading back out to experience St Tropez.

It started out with only 12 private villas before evolving into a hotel with a restaurant designed for healthy eaters, a spa with Crème de la Mer treatments, and a pool. There’s also a private pool with each of the 12 serviced villas.

La Vague d’Or

La Vague d’Or is regarded as St Tropez’s best eatery. Michelin Guide seemed to hold that opinion when it named Chef Arnaud Donckele the youngest-ever chef to be presented with three stars. Donckele uses a mixture of local ingredients and imagination to create the dished offered in the Mediterranean menu. The dishes not only taste delicious but are visually impressive, with their creative presentation and array of colours. The view of the water and the level of service are both simply stunning.


Rivea is a culinary pleasure. Situated in Byblos Hotel, the terrace setting is stunning and, much like the food, the casual ambience is as classy as it gets. The chef’s creations are served up tapas style, designed to be shared. Treat yourself by stopping off for dinner on your way to the hotel’s famous nightclub Les Caves du Roy. Just be sure to request a table under the trees.


The tables and red awning are as familiar as Brigitte Bardot’s Repetto ballet flats from And God Created Woman. She dined here while the movie was being filmed before it was later visited by numerous celebrities such as Karl Lagerfield and Miles Davis. Make sure to try the nougat blanc and choose the exquisite waterfront location.